The Funny Dictionary exists in several editions:

  • The Funny Dictionary: An A-Z of Kids' Funny Definitions (2018). THIS is the book you want to order. It’s a special illustrated edition of The Funny Dictionary. This edition finally fulfils the vision I had for the book back in 2012: it’s published to a mass market by a mainstream publisher, the National Library of Australia, and includes wonderful illustrations using photographs from the Library’s pictorial collections. It has hundreds of entries and funny definitions.


  • The Funny Dictionary: Second Edition (2013). You no longer want this edition of The Funny Dictionary! This edition of The Funny Dictionary was available in print-on-demand and as an ebook. But it’s not illustrated and has other significant differences from the 2018 version. You really, REALLY want the 2018 edition of The Funny Dictionary (above).
  • The Funny Dictionary: First Limited Edition (2012). This edition is all sold out! If you have a copy, hang on to it. It might be valuable in the future.
  • The Funny Dictionary (online version). The online version includes 700 entries, 900 funny definitions, and all the funny essays. Many of the definitions are illustrated by American illustrator Tosh Bibb. It’s all available, free, at But there’s nothing like the 2018 hard copy version of The Funny Dictionary, with completely new illustrations!