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About The Funny Dictionary

The Funny Dictionary is a delightful collection of harmless blunders in language, all committed by people who, leaning out as far as they can over the edge of an exam question, fall heavily to the ground. This is a collection of the splatter-marks they left. Julian Burnside AO QC.

The most side-splitting, gut-busting, knee-slapping fluffs and flubs, goofs and gaffes, and botches, blunders, boo-boos, and bloopers in convenient alphabetical form. Richard Lederer, author of Anguished English (www.verbivore.com).

Without Troy Simpson's exceptional new book The Funny Dictionary, I don't think I could carry on the deception. Troy has given me my life back. I feel funny again. All is forgiven. Austen Tayshus, Wordsmith and Superstar.

In case of the blues, administer this book for an immediate cure. The Funny Dictionary n. hilarity! Tim Ferguson, writer and comedian.

To those who feel dictionaries are dull and the makers of them drudges, consider Troy Simpson's Funny Dictionary, which will quickly disabuse you of both notions. Robert Hartwell Fiske, editor, The Vocabula Review (www.vocabula.com).

The Funny Dictionary, by Troy Simpson, is a most worthy addition to the genre of faulty and funny use of English by innocent and most unwitting humourists. Fred McArdle, former teacher and a lover of language.

This is a rich book… Immediately there is a feeling of authenticity and genuineness. Fred McArdle, former teacher and a lover of language.

About Funny English Errors

A laugh a day! B Stover, 2010.

Your book had my dad and his wife in tears of laughter! Denise S, 2010.

This book is far too hilarious to have at work. I have been in hysterics.  Kate OD, 2010.

A very entertaining read. Michael H, 2010.

You can't help but have a chuckle. A wonderful book. Andrew Barr, 2010.

Hilarious. Teacher: The National Education Magazine.

The sort of book you can open at any page and begin laughing. Teacher: The National Education Magazine.

An instant outbreak of helpless laughter. Teacher: The National Education Magazine.

A joy to share. Teacher: The National Education Magazine.

Mrs Malaprop, the doyenne of linguistic disaster, would get a good laugh as well as you out of Funny English. Canberra Times.

A good little book for a great big giggle. Canberra Times.

Scholarly writing

There is a lot of practical wisdom in Win More Cases [by Troy Simpson] … I do not doubt that many will obtain a lot of use from this work. Justice Michael Kirby AC CMG.

It is an awesome publication in its scope and the array of material digested. Christopher Enright, barrister and solicitor.

An extraordinary piece of work. Dr Bernard McKenna, UQ Business School, Australia.

The entry by Jessica Milner Davis and Troy Simpson on humour is above criticism. Law Quarterly Review.

There is much to savour in this magnificent addition to our national scholarly literature. The editors, writers, researchers and publishers deserve every acclamation. It is an essential work which should grace every self-respecting Australian library. Australian Book Review.

A tremendously valuable resource. Dave Maxwell, Plaintiff Attorney, USA.

There is a lot to be said on the subject of writing style, particularly in American books and articles, but you can’t go past Troy Simpson’s recent article and the sources referred to in it for insight about that. David Jackson QC, Evidence, “Practice and Procedure: Persuasion” (2008) 28 Hearsay (Journal of the Bar Association of Queensland).

What people who I’ve worked for say …

I was frequently in touch with Troy Simpson when he headed the research team for the Oxford Companion to the High Court of Australia. He showed the greatest skill and drive in collecting the facts and collating the findings. I recommend him as a researcher and advisor. Gough Whitlam, former Prime Minister.

I know Troy Simpson … I have the highest respect for his intelligence and integrity. Justice Michael Kirby AC CMG.

Troy has all the skills of a first-class researcher — intelligence, analytical ability, broad background knowledge, substantial experience, initiative, attention to detail, and persistence — and I warmly recommend him. Professor Michael Coper, former Dean of ANU College of Law.

It is a masterpiece… It is really great to be able to wrap up this case with such a learned, detailed, and complete document. Lawyer.

I am so grateful for the wonderful work which you have done … One of my attorneys called me today and remarked that in all his years of legal practice with some of the top litigators, he has never seen a presentation like what we have produced… Brilliant work. Merchant banker.

Thanks for all of your excellent research; I’m just now catching up on my e-mail … and see that you have put together an amazing list of resources for me. I’m impressed, and I really appreciate it. Writer, USA.

I am impressed… Your comments are extremely helpful. You are definitely an excellent researcher! American Legal Researcher.

What my friends say…

Sad! Jeremy Knight

He’s crazy! But good-crazy, not bad-crazy. Catherine Pitt.

A bit of a spunkrat. Matthew Rayner.

He’s… awkward. Bec Waterson.

He's a top bloke. A funny bugger. *Puns intended. Judith Ridge.

God gifts us all with certain talents. No-one has ever worked harder to uncover theirs. Ron Van Houwelingen.

Easily frazzled. Russell Nankervis.

Puts a sparkle in your day. Like a flying rainbow unicorn named ‘Sparkles’ might do. Kayleen Stevens.

Weird. Cate Clune.

One of life’s blessed eccentrics. Brendan Kelly.

Bonkers. Judy Edmonds.

Cheeky. Vicky Mycio.

Has some really awesome friends. Catherine Pitt.